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Raspberry fungus

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I discovered a creamy coloured growth on my raspberry canes this morning. (see photo) It looks like a fungal growth and only affects approx 10% of the plants. Is it harmful and do I need to treat it and if so, with what?




Hi Rimorrison...What ever it is I don't think it's very good for your raspberries! I had a house plant a while back that was infested with some nasty looking stuff and I put a slightly diluted mix of peroxide and water in a spray bottle and sprayed the dickens out of it and then wiped it down real good with a soft rag. I used a Q-tip to get in the creases and it worked.I use peroxide a lot even to water them now and then.Go in google and search peroxide and plants. some very interesting info there.Take care God Bless ..Lata

25 Aug, 2008

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