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By Drc726

East Sussex, England Eng

In march I cut back my weigela heavily and since then it has grown fast and some new stems are over 4 ft. This morning I found most of them on the ground I stood them up but the tops are bent over and look wilted. any ideas please. all I can think is it is all the rain? or have I over fed it as I have given it a good feed twice.



more likely to be the heavy rain. But I wouldn't give it any more feed.

7 Jul, 2021


Thanks SBG we have had a great deal of rain here in east sussex

7 Jul, 2021


Some of the new growth on ours is very delicate. They are almost like the water shoots you get . Heavy rain snaps them very easily. I have reduced them by half to try to stop them being snapped by the weight of the rain etc.

8 Jul, 2021


Thanks OB I will try that.

8 Jul, 2021


Brc, sorry to butt in. I'm wondering now whether so much rain is the reason why so many of my plants have grown taller this year. Thalictrum, echinacea and purple toadflax have exceeded my expectations and from what Owdboggy said, perhaps it's not a good thing.

8 Jul, 2021


It all depends on whether or not the new growths 'harden' up before winter. The ones on mine are very green and hollow, so unless they change to that light brown colour over summer they are not going to survive winter. Cutting them in half at least gives them a chance and should not, done now, reduce flowering (if as said the shoots survive).

8 Jul, 2021


I have cut mine back and fingers crossed

9 Jul, 2021

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