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Ixias, do they seed everywhere? If so, how long before the seedlings are big enough to flower? I never know whether these seedlings are Ixias or not, so I usually get rid of them.



well they are certainly from a something like Ixias or gladioli. Usually 3 years to get to flowering size. depends if you want to wait or not.

8 Jul, 2021


They do self seed, and I found it is worth letting them grow as recessive genes appear, sometimes better than the parents.

8 Jul, 2021


I've only got 2 red Ixias. Are they rare or something? I'd really like more red ones.Thank you for your replies. I'm going to let these grow on & see what transpires.

8 Jul, 2021


depends on the genetics that makes them red. Many colours involve several genes and then usually each gene has 2 ways of being expressed and it is the combination of these that determines colour.

8 Jul, 2021

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