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hi folks, its another plant identification again, but no doubt your encyclopedic plant base knowledge will rise to the challenge as always , this was given to me by my sister as i had shown a liking for revitilising orchids, she walked in one day and said see what you can do with this, ive repotted it and staked it, so any help you can give will as always be gratfully and graciously recieved



This looks like a dendrobium orchid. After the bloom cycle, they go into a period of dormancy or rest period when they may appear to be dead. It's not dead but resting. This is the time to repot in a larger pot with fresh medium. It still needs water and nutrients. Place in indirect light & keep well watered & fed. After a couple months, it will wake up and start its fabulous bloom cycle again.

Orchid keikis are baby plants, or offshoots, of the mother plant and an easy method of propagation. That's what you see here with those white stringy things. They are roots of the baby plant which can be propagated into new orchid plants.

Here is a website you can go to for proper dendrobium care:

7 Jul, 2021


I found my daughter's dendrobium in a similar state last year.

the link Bathgate has suggested is the one I used .

8 Jul, 2021


thanks Bathgate, i went to the linc provided and got a huge amount of info, will give it a go to try and get it blooming. i didnt know they were so beautiful

thanks again both of you


8 Jul, 2021

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