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vine tomatoes grown in my plastic type greenhouse are small and slightly bitter, but the ones grown in pots outside are large and very sweet. Would I do better with a proper glass greenhouse, or there some other reason?



Hi Rod. There really is no substitute for sunshine! When I go to Europe and by mention Holland, I get to feed fruit and vegs from greenhouses, and boy, do they taste different. Here in Australia everything is grown out in the open under sunshine, moonshine, rain, snow, hail, whatever, but the taste is soooo good! Sun ripens things, sweetens things and put all those vitamins and minerals into the produce by making them feel happy and taking from the ground whatever you put into it. Now to my idea it would really make no difference weather a greenhouse is plastic or glass. Perhaps the plastic doesn't let enough ultra violet rays in, that I don't know, but it is a thought.
Good luck Rod.

22 Aug, 2008


Hi Rod, I too have a plastic greenhouse, And apart from the plants being too tall 6-8ft, I have a wonderful plentiful tasty crop. I also grow vine from my last year crop seeds
good luck

22 Aug, 2008

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