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Solanum crispum poisonous?

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We have a large Solanum crispum glasnevin and a small baby. Is the solanum poisonous if eaten by small children?

On plant Solanum crispum glasnevin



Hi Lawrence and welcome.

I grew a cutting of Solanum, but threw it way because I have dogs and I was worried about the plant being poisonous.

On internet for Solanum crispum it says (quote):

All parts of this plant are toxic and should not be eaten.

I hope this helps answer your question.

21 Aug, 2008


The trouble is that there are many, many commonly grown plants and bulbs in our gardens which are to some extent toxic. If we were to limit what we grow, there wouldn't be much except grass there. I believe strongly that children can and should be taught never to eat anything from a garden except what Mummy or Daddy says they can. Otherwise, how will they learn about the world of plants? This is from a Grandma and a teacher of young children of many years' experience. By the way, my dog doesn't sample any plants (except grass). Dogs can be trained not to touch plants, too, if they are 'nibblers'.

21 Aug, 2008


i do agree with spritz to a certain extent, but being the mother of a 3 year old i have to say that i do also agree with playing on the safe side. while spritz has a point it is a good idea to teach your children and train your animals not to touch or eat, - they don't always do as they are told and being a resonsonsible parent is all about limiting the damage. there are lots of things in the garden that will cause a mild tummy upset, and might make your children or animals sick, but do no harm, or perminent damage in which case yes, use these things with care and tell/train the fingers/paws not to touch as it would'nt be the end of the world if they ignored this request - if anything they will learn a lesson from it and hopefull not do it again. but - and now i a speaking as a proffessional florist and a parent - there are certain things that could quite easily kill or cause long term problems to your child or animal if they eat it. why take the risk? in my opionon just not worth it - i know i would never forgive myself. i always do a bit of reserach before buying something new and find out if it is a no go. but you have got to be sensable, if you disculded everything that caused a slight problem you would only have grass as spritz has said! there are web sites that you can check out the level of toxin in plants, it also tells you which part of the plants are most toxic. some Solanums can be very doggy, S.capsicastrum or Christmas cherry comes in to the flower shop that i work with a health warning, it has the large attracive friuts that look a bit like cherry tomartos they are very toxic and they do drop off. bearing in mind it is a house plant, - once your baby starts crawling if he/she is'nt already it will be something he/she will proberly make a beeline for, and once your child reaches 2-3 years there will not be many areas in your house that will be completely out of reach - trust me i have expereince of this! lol. and 2-3 year olds often do the opposit of what you tell them too. i would say high risk!- i just would not enteratin that one at all!

22 Aug, 2008


How many of us grew up in gardens containing daffodils or rhubarb? Both are poisonous (daff bulbs and rhubarb leaves) but we made it! While it may best to avoid things like aconitum, let's not go overboard and discard everything except the grass

22 Aug, 2008

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