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My Chiliean Potato Tree is not flourishing!

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I moved into my house last June and there was a mature plant in place, climbing on our pergola. There were very few leaves last year and no flowers (after we moved in anyway). I didn't do anything over the winter and now the plant is getting some leaves, bit I think it's getting a bit out of control. What is the best way to encourage flowering this season, or should I prune now and hope for flowers next year?

On plant Solanum crispum



This will stand pruning, so you can cut back to healthy buds and it should still flower - possibly a bit later than usual. Cut it back and train the side shoots to a wall or trellis.

19 Mar, 2009


mine took a couple of years to get going. I just cut out any dead wood each autumn . Then it really took off!

25 Oct, 2009

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