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I only had tarmac in my large backyard until recently. i had it lanscaped, dug up flagged with a small flower bed area, and had turf laid, garden area is about 10 feet by 10 feet, this was done by a proffesional! It has been down about three weeks but i now have small mushrooms scattered over the grass, need some advice before i contact the guy who did this as i think he might fob me off with some reason and i know nothing about gardening matters!



There has recently been some discussion on this very subject, if you look at "Housekeepers" question currently on page 2 it may help

15 Sep, 2010


Well mushrooms tend to grow in damp, darkish areas as they are a type of fungi ... what do the mushrooms look like ??? what is the colour of the mushroom ??? (creamy, greyish tinge etc) and underside pattern and colour ??? If we can identify it it will tell us where and what "encourages" growth of this particular species :)

16 Sep, 2010

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