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I live in Brisbane Australia ... I moved to Australia in 1989 from London England :) Last xmas I gave my "lawn" a complete makeover .... I have since used old railway sleepers to section areas and large sandstone to section off garden beds ... Its all still in the making but its getting there. The only thing is I cant grow some of the plants/flowers that I really love as the weather is just too hot and humid. But I have found "similar" species that fair really well. This is my first attempt at "designing" a garden and I know how I want it too look (a cottage garden) and I am nearly there :) Just waiting for some plants to establish & mature. Although saying that some I take out and move around as they are either too slow in establishing next to some of the other plants I have planted and would be "crowded out" before they matured. I am new to all of this so its a big learning curve. I have found "gardening" to be a great pastime/hobby and would now consider myself a plantaholic lol :)

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