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Worcester, United Kingdom Gb

Can anyone tell me where I can find a few hedgehogs for my large barden ? Living in a city they do not seem to be wandering around wild.



Think youll find that hedgehogs are protected wildlife species and you will not be able to pick them up and relocate to your home.The best answer is to try and provide an enviroment that they come to naturally. An old log pile compost heap a neglected corner is ideal and this may not be easy to re - create in a city garden.You can also purchase ready made hedgehog homes but if you not got the enviroment then unlikely to move in.Finally if offered hedgehogs please do not accept as may have young that will be left defenceless and their homeing instinct to return to them will mean they will leave and put themselves at risk crossing roads in a city.

19 Aug, 2008


As I understand it, you're right - protected species! Useful/interesting link: (hope links are allowed - if not, sorry, please remove answer)

20 Aug, 2008

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