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how do you get rid of clover from grass



You could try raking it out.

18 Aug, 2008


Oh Kev - that certainly wouldn't work on my grass! It would kill me for a start as there's SOOOO much of it! Maybe Coachman's lawn is smaller....But there must be another answer?? Does anybody know?

18 Aug, 2008


I've been watching this thread, waiting for someone to come up with more answers. This year my back lawn has become almost covered with clover. Because my dogs are trained on this area, I don't want to use any products which might harm their feet. Come on you clever lot. More suggestions, PLEASE.

19 Aug, 2008


mowing every other day should eradicate the problem.

19 Aug, 2008


Kev, could you please explain the thinking behind your regular mowing suggestion.

I have my mower on its lowest setting. Is the idea that the frequent mowing would kill the clover by cutting off the top growth leaves and flowers ? This year I've certainly mown off flowers as soon as I see any.

But even on the lowest mower setting, and with raking the grass first, I still don't seem to be cutting the clover very much.

What about investing in one of those electric lawn rakes?
Would that be worth the outlay?

Kev, thanks for your advice so far.

19 Aug, 2008


What i found was by using a rotary mower it does not cut low enough whereas a cylinder mower seems to give a better and lower cut..........but the push mower i have with a roller on the back(suffolk colt)which is thirty years old removes all trace of clover and daisys if used regularly.
hope this helps.

19 Aug, 2008


Thank you, Kev. That explains things.

Do you have any experience of the electric lawn rakes and scarifiers ? Or shall I post it up as a new question ? Thanks.

21 Aug, 2008

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