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caterpillers on my cabbage


By Noah

United Kingdom Gb

How do I get rid of the hundreds of tiny caterpillers munching their way through my cabages?



Hi I asked the same question yesterday, I seem to have millions of them, they have eaten my brocolli, cabbages and baby brussel plants, people have replied and I think we are going to have to write off this year and prepare better for next year, generally people have said to plant nasturtians because they like to eat them and may leave your veg alone. I am going to plant a budlia a bit away from my veg patch and see if that works, hedghogg said that dusting with flour might work as a deterrent and chris said to pick them off and put them somewhere else, we cant kill baby butterflies can we! we all have to get along on this planet

18 Aug, 2008


Hi hedgehog has come back to me, we need to read the earlier caterpillar questions, he also suggested that in spring we need to fleece our cabbages ect so that the butterflies go for the nasturtians and dont touch the veg

18 Aug, 2008


Being away from home for a few days I was amazed upon my return to see hundreds of baby caterpillers on my various greens. I sprayed them after picking off everyone I could see which took more than four hours !I fed them to my Koi and Goldfish. Two days later I still found a lot more of the caterpillers which I can't believe I had missed the first time.
Every day I find more of them,mostly only a half inch long,makes me wonder if this is worth all the trouble ! All of my cauliflowers, brocoli ,Savoys and brussel sprouts have holes all over the place,I am hoping the hearts of them will grow and be OK.Is it possible for birds to get at these things when most of the baby caterpillers are underneath the leaves ?

18 Aug, 2008


I dont think the birds are bothered, I hve watched my birds that come in my garden and they are not bothered, maybe they are being fed somewhere else, they are certainly not bothered about the millions of caterpillars in my garden

18 Aug, 2008


To be honest I think the best way is to protect all cabbages with fleece, I've had same problem this year and also suffered with slug damage to the leaves. Once the caterpillers attack there's just no stopping them. Best wishes Lucy

19 Aug, 2008


by the way ive just seen caterpillars for sale on the internet at 11.99 for 5 of them or 18.99 for ten. :)

19 Aug, 2008

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