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Mystery daisy-like plant


By Bernard

Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom Gb

This plant has appeared in the woodland bit of my garden. Superficially it looks like a daisy. I am attaching a photo. The flower is about 15mm across and has a double layer of outer petals. Also around the orange centre it has a circle of tiny white upstanding petals. It looks almost like a mutation. Can anyone help with info?

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I think from the photo that this is Feverfew. Its latin name is 'Tanacetum parthenium'. I like them, but some people would consider it a weed. I don't, so I encourage them in my garden! You can buy cultivated named varieties, too - I have T. parthenium 'King Carlos'.

16 Aug, 2008


I too think it is Feverfew. Very useful medical plant supposed to ease Migraine. and by the sound of it Fever as well. There is a gold foliage version which makes a lovely garden plant.

16 Aug, 2008


Feverfew is also pretty generous with its seedlings - just a warning

16 Aug, 2008


Feverfew "Tanacetum parthenium", Its medicinal properties now also appear to be effective in the traetment of leukemia.

18 Sep, 2008

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