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Perennial Lupin Seeds


By Jacque

Norfolk UK, United Kingdom Gb

Can i sow them now? so their nice & strong 4next year :)




They can be sown at this time of the year and brought through the winter. In fact I had planned to do that but in view of the weather we are having and the armies of slugs and snails it has given rise to I am going to wait to see what September brings. I am reluctant to provide fodder for them :-)

13 Aug, 2008


Many Thanx Xela 4 that :) Mine will b sown&kept in greenhouse until milder winter weather :)

13 Aug, 2008


Some seeds require a cold period to ensure that they will be strong and healthy when they germinate... find a dry cold place (refrigerator) and leave them there til March or April...then start them...We are heading into the dark months and the shortening days and weakening sun aren't as good for the seedlings as it would be in spring. Nature's set for spring. lol. Good Luck.

13 Aug, 2008


I sow all seeds fresh. Some straight into the position I want them to grow or if likely to be eaten by something in a pot outside and protect the pot. This way you get stronger earlier plants without any of the problems of damping off.

13 Aug, 2008


My book recommends waiting until Jan/Feb to sow lupins under glass. As they have a hard seed coat, the seeds should be nicked or alternatively, soaked in water for 24 hours prior to sowing, to aid germination

14 Aug, 2008


Hi, i want to save the seeds from my Lupins, havent done it before so could you tell me when i should take the pod of the plant, and what i should then do with the pod/seeds please.

Came across this site by accident, its great.

Cheers Carrie :)

5 Jul, 2009


hi carrie as soon as the pod goes hard & brown take them off & open pods ,put them in a evelope sealed & marked ready to start again next season .
hope this helps

11 Sep, 2012

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