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eucalyptus gunni

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Hi my neighbour has recently planted a eucalyptus very close to our boundry fence approx 2 foot and approx 3 foot away from our brick built outhouse/utility room, I have heard that this will cause problems to our foundations even if it is copiced which it hasnt been yet, it has grown 9 foot in 11 months. Is this a valid concern and if so what advice can you give



I would say that this is FAR too close to your property! The roots will most certainly spread out in all directions and what happens when they hit your foundations - as they may have already? Coppicing may keep the top small but will not stop the roots from growing. You definitely need to have a talk to your neighbour - nicely, of course!

13 Aug, 2008


I agree with Spritzhenry. We had quite a small tree in our front garden and it began to uproot the front wall so we removed it. They can grow to 25 metres very quickly. Perhaps your neighbour doesn't know much about them so you need to tell her what can happen. They need a large space to grow in, not near any walls or buildings.

13 Aug, 2008


Thats why i planted mine at the bottom of the Garden

13 Aug, 2008


Spritz is quite right, have a word with your neighbour immediately as it will be easier to move now than in another year, they grow so quickly. If they refuse to move it ,I think they will, people are usually pretty sensible, you may have to consult a lawyer to write a letter to them .

14 Aug, 2008

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