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By Denbo

Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom Gb

I have some very old roses in my garden.
Can I move them to another part of the garden?
if so when?



In my experience roses do not take kindly to being moved. You may be more successful in taking hardwood cuttings.

Take stem cuttings of roses in early September by pushing cut stems straight into the soil in a nursery area of the garden, where they can be left to root and develop for about a year.
Most types of rose can be propagated from cuttings, especially the rambling types.
Just take a length of stem, removing the soft tip above a leaf joint, and cut below a joint at the base, removing all but the top three leaves. Then push the 30cm (12in) cutting into the soil to about half its length.

I hope this helps.
Keep us posted on how things progress.

12 Aug, 2008


yes i agree with Marguerite, it is not too difficult if you do it at the right time of year, you can also get some good feeds and root grow stuff - cant remeber the name of it but you can buy it from the 'David Austin' web site. just tap 'david austin' into google and it will come up - only problem with this is -once you get on there it will be hard not to buy more roses lol!

13 Aug, 2008

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