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What would you advise for these 2 Daphne?
As you can see from the photo they have good foliage in the top 6" but the lower stems are bare.
They are in pots and I haven't really got any where suitable to put them in the ground.
There is one in the fore ground and the other is the furthest pot on the left.




Well, they've got a bit 'staring' haven't they from restricted root room I'd say. Not sure how well they respond to being cut back, but certainly larger pots are probably called for.

21 Mar, 2017


the roots aren't coming out the bottom though. I do feed them regularly. I'd wondered about pruning but I don't want to lose them. I could try rooting the cuttings I suppose. I'll take one shoot off first and see what happens.

thanks for the suggestion bamboo.

21 Mar, 2017


Daphne is a deep rooted plant, Sbg, and the thick leader root probably wouldn't come through the bottom of the pot. It should definitely go into the garden, but, if you don't have the space ................

22 Mar, 2017


I could squeeze them in next to the other daphnes but I didn't really want them all together. I will have to ponder. they have only been in pots for 3 years so repotting might be the solution.

22 Mar, 2017


Difficult to propagate from cuttings SBG. Most of the Daphnes come from Holland and are produced by micro-propagation in clinical conditions. I would suggest that the nearest plant looks as though it has some potential leaves on the lower stems so I would take a chance and pinch out the growing tips which might force the leaves to sprout.

22 Mar, 2017


these were grafted cuttings from a grower down south. what looks like leaves are probably the buds of the plant in the pond. there are flower buds forming in the tips so I will have to wait as I don't want to sacrifice the flowers.

22 Mar, 2017

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