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Can i use old granite wall tiles and bricks to mix into my soil

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Br

(Back to basics) Can i use old granite wall tiles and bricks (broken up) to mix into my soil for better drainage/gravelly soil? Thanks in advance



Probably not as they are too large a pieces for the roots to cope with and will just sit their. If you have clay soil, then the best bet is pea gravel mixed in with some organic matter, as deeply into the topsoil as you can.

11 Aug, 2010


Thanks Nicky. I will seek some kind of alternative pea-gravel here. I really am a novice but its best to ask (and have an abundance of leftover building material) and the soil ranges from heavy clay high up and then very sandy near the river. Perhaps i can mix some together......

Amazing work and great website. Well done to you

11 Aug, 2010


You can use these materials but they need to be crushed down to about 6mm size to be of any use.

11 Aug, 2010


Thanks bulbaholic.

11 Aug, 2010


You could use them as edging for paths, beds etc, with larger bits as a kind of crazy paving

11 Aug, 2010


or if your putting a shed or something in as its good for putting in paths etc . i did put some waste bricks etc into my raised planter and they worked realy well.

11 Aug, 2010


Great answers and ideas. Thanks again

11 Aug, 2010


your welcome .

12 Aug, 2010

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