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By Ally

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How do i get rid of Dandilions on my grass without killing the grass, is there a treatment i can use.
I was told i would have to dig them up but there are lots and don't want my grass to become a muddy patch.



Weedol Should do it.☺

11 Aug, 2008


Weedol kills grass too so can't use it

11 Aug, 2008


Not if you focus on the weed only a little drop into the middle of the weed should suffice
Best Wishes

11 Aug, 2008


Verdone liquid will not kill grass also Scotts granular weed and feed is effective may need more that one application.

12 Aug, 2008



13 Aug, 2008


buy Sbk brushwood killer from garden centre then with childs paint brush paint two leaves good bye

13 Aug, 2008


I cut the heads off with a sharp knife beneath the soil, this seems to stop them

28 Aug, 2008


Any decent "Weed and Feed" product will kill most broad leaved weeds including dandelions and plantain. I've used it this year and it has been very effective.

24 Sep, 2008

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