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Cuttings from my tomatoes?

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As you can see in the picture, I have 3 tomato plants which are growing nicely. They are getting a good height, but I dont want them a lot higher, so, if I cut the tops, can I replant the cutting and grow more?




Not much point in doing that ,they may take but tomato plants are so easy from ceed so why bother.

10 Aug, 2008


At this stage in the year no point in growing any more. They probably won't produce tomatoes.
Do they get much sun where they are?

10 Aug, 2008


They dont get a huge amount, probably 2 hours a day max. I am getting a small greenhouse sort of thing that I was hoping would help during the colder period?

11 Aug, 2008


They would be a lot bigger with more sun and have more flowers.

11 Aug, 2008


Yes, you can.

11 Aug, 2008

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