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By Kathryn

South Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

a plant has appeared in my garden. It dies off in winter, comes through in spring. It looks like asparagus when it comes through. It now has about 10 stems with delicate, fern like branches. It has tiny white flowers in summer which turn to orange/red berries. It grows to about 5ft tall. Any ideas what it is?



It sounds like Asparagus Fern. I don't think it's edible but not sure.

10 Aug, 2008


Have you any further answers to your question. Your plant sounds fairly similar to mine which I don't know the answer to. I've not seen my grow so tall but I have had the tendence of cutting it back each year as I wasn't sure whether it was a plant or a weed but as it doesn't spread anywhere else over the last 19 years the local garden centre said it wasn't but was unsure of the name. I'm not sure now whether it has white or yellow flowers - they are very tiny and insignificant. The stems are a dark brown or reddy brown (are yours similar?) I've not seen any berries but that probably because I cut it back and now I've seen your message I'm going to leave it this year and see what happens. I'll let you know in due course. Dawn x

24 Aug, 2008

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