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I will be 50 next year. I have MS and so gardening is virtually impossible for me at the moment. I have to sit out on a chair while tending my pots. There's not many but I'm trying to build them up and I've got my interest in plants back!! And it is so enjoyable!!!!

I've got a builder coming out later this week (he built my wetroom earlier this year) to give me a price for building up some brick raised beds - hopefully this will not be too costly but if I have to I will, get one done at a time.

I have a fairly small garden which is mainly covered with crumbling slabs and concrete. In time these will definitely be going - I have decided.

I used to have, 20 years ago a 300ft x 60ft garden (Anderson Shelter included as a 'shed' (previous owner's great idea)). I do still miss it greatly but I know that that size of garden would now be too much and very overwhelming so I just look at photos and dream.

In time I will list the plants that I currently do have.

This is a great site that I only came across today and I will definitely be visiting many more times to come.

One plant I do have which I find amazing as I believe is actually an indoor plant is an Aspidestra (not sure about spelling!). I was left it by a lady of over 100 years old about 5 years ago. It originally belonged to her mother and then for at least 10 years before Doris died, she kept it out in her garden so I just carried this idea on. I've noticed this year that there are many new leaves appearing and I may have to split it up later this year. I have made a twisted copper wire ring (from offcuts of electrical wiring) around the leaves to stop the snails and slugs getting to the leaves and this does seem to be doing the trick at the moment.

Sorry I am waffling and better go now ... I'll chat some other day.

Bye for now ....

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