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By Googie

cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

what is potash for and when should you add it to your garden



Plants need nutrients to grow and produce fruit/flowers. Fertilisers are usually marked N,P,K. were N = nitrogen, P = phosphates and K = potassium
Potassium occurs abundantly in nature. It is the 7th most common element in the earths crust. Certain clay minerals associated with heavy soils are rich sources of K, containing as much as 17% potash. Sea water typically contains 390 mg/l K representing a huge total amount of the element globally. Small quantities of K naturally occur in rain - up to 4 ppm. Large potash bearing rock deposits occur in many regions of the world deriving from the minerals in ancient seas which dried up millions of years ago. Potash for fertiliser is mainly derived from this potash rock, requiring only separation from the salt and other minerals and physical grading into a form suitable for fertiliser manufacture or farm spreading.

If you remember Roots, Fruits & Shoots that is the way to remember what percentage of the N,P,K you need for that situation.

10 Aug, 2008


thanks Eddie butty for the info on potash, when would you suggest I put it on my garden.

10 Aug, 2008

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