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In our present garden is a very old flowering currant that has never been cut back so we have long wooden branches with growth on the end. This year, however, some of the growth has died back/shrivelled. Is the plant dying. If not, does anyone know what we should do please?

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Flowering currants do occasionally get branches dying back completely when they get older. It seems par for the course with them and I have seen it many times over the years. All you can do is feed well with a good slow release fertiliser and prune (too late now) in spring next year quite hard to promote some new strong growth and of course remove the dead branches.

25 Jul, 2010


Just to add to Fractal's comments, flowering currants flower best on new growth so you can even prune right back next year to give your bush a complete 'makeover'.

26 Jul, 2010

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