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Cuttings of flowering currant - when to plant out?


By Kermit

East Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

I have nine cuttings that have taken of a flowering currant. I have just potted them on each into their own three inch pot and they all have a pretty good root system on. They are about eight inches high. I would like to plant them along a fence to create a hedge / barrier. How big do they need to be before I plant them out? Soil is fairly good but they would be in slight shade from a huge willow tree. Main thing is they would have to fight with the nettles coming through from the neighbours which I try to keep cut back but feel it's a losing battle. Oh and also the dog and the child with footballs!!!



keep potting them on until they are big and strong and able to cope--they are usually pretty tough

27 Aug, 2009


You can plant them out in late September early October, IF the rootballs have got big enough to fill the pots you've just put them into, such that they need potting on again, or planting out. If the rootballs remain too small, save till next Spring - make sure you reduce the tops by half in the spring - you will sacrifice any possible flowers, but if you want to grow them as a hedge, you want them to thicken up from the base.

27 Aug, 2009

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