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My Plum Tree has not born fruit for two years



I know what you mean, neither has mine, it had flowers, but then the leaves started to curl and looked like they had some sort of blight.

5 Aug, 2008


One of my books mentions that it could be the birds back in the spring pinching the buds, leaving bud scales on the floor as proof. The following year it is likely to have long shoots without leaves or blossom.

Bird repellant, nets etc. Shiny things like old cd's might help but they will soon get used to them.

The other problem is poor pollination. Most fruit trees require another variety to pollinate it.

A windy site? Windbrakes for example.

Unless it is a self pollinating variety. Then it could just have been the late frost/snow back in April.

Hope this helps.

5 Aug, 2008


Try giving it a feed with Tomato or Rose fertilizer. Scratch into the ground around tree and then water thoroughly, even after all this rain. Maybe it has lost a mate, but frost at flowering time is usual cause.

5 Aug, 2008

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