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I have a bamboo in a big pot, last year the leaves turned brown and sticky, so early this year i replanted in new compost, it was doing OK for a few months, but now its started to turn brown again, please can you help me



Ask Grenville - he has Bamboos in large containers! Mine are in the ground.

5 Aug, 2008


Other than repotting Try reducing the number of canes in the pot , cut out weak or dead ones, give a liquid feed and move into the shade. They are very greedy and soon fill the pot with roots trying to escape. so you could try cutting off some of the running roots in the pot,

5 Aug, 2008


They need a surprising amount of watering. They show distress very quickly by the leaves rolling up and quickly going brown and dropping. We went away for one week during which time it didn't rain and when we got home the bamboo was just canes with a few brown leaves. Luckily given lots and lots of water they bounce back very quickly and are now lush green again.

6 Aug, 2008


I agree with Dagness. I have two bamboos in pots and I have had problems in the past. The pots now sit directly on the ground with virtually no drainage and I soak them. They are fine now. mrs mad.

6 Aug, 2008

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