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What's eating my tomatoes


By Dagness

Sussex, United Kingdom Gb

The tomatoes in my greenhouse are being attacked. The first indication was a black deposit similar to that left by lily beetles and now, as they are ripening, they are being chewed. There is no sign except the black excretment of anything on the leaves or plant but the ripened toms have holes which are obviously being caused from the outside of the fruit rather than a worm burrowing out from inside. At the moment it is only effecting the cherry tomatoes, but this could be because they are the first to ripen. Any ideas what it is and how to prevent/kill it. Do lily beetles eat tomatoes?



Black droppings normally mean some sort of caterpillar. Could be cleverly disguised in the foliage or hiding in the near vicinity. Probably best to go out after dark with a torch and check. Squish what you find and no. Lily beetle do not eat toms.

5 Aug, 2008


If not caterpillars it could well be slugs or snails, Dagness! Have a good look round the greenhouse and under your pots etc and I bet you will find some. Lily beetles are definitely not the culprits.

5 Aug, 2008


have a nose around in the soil at the base of the plants, i've had the same problem and found caterpillars hiding down there that came out at night

5 Aug, 2008


Question, if it is caterpillars..we have holes taken out of our toms and black dropping on a surface nearbye, what can we do about them ? Also will they bite big holes out of the toms ?!! We also have a few with white round patches underneath. What is that ? Some of the bottom leaves are turning yellowy. Any advice ? We have also noticed snails in the greenhouse can they be adding to our problem ?

21 Aug, 2009

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