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Can anyone tell me why my plant leaves are breaking off and going all crispy and brown on the not sure wht plant it is!

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Its unfortunate that the second picture has a dark shadow so that only the few leaves on the right can be seen properly - I'd like a photo showing more leaves clearly, particularly damaged ones.

The plant appears to be Prunus laurocerasus - these are untroubled by most pests and diseases, but do sometimes succumb to fungal infections which cause 'shot hole' which I'm guessing this is, even though I can't see the leaves close enough to be sure. They also can get a form of mildew which makes parts of the leaves brown and drop off, but with that, you'd see a white powdery coating. The treatment's the same for either anyway.

As this one's small, it seem its not long been planted, so maybe its short of water currently, if it was only planted in the last year. If that's the case, water it well and give it a feed. You can try using a fungal spray, but if the plant is well fed and watered, it should 'grow through' the problem, but spraying with something like Scotts Fungus Clear Ultra should help.

There's only one other thing to say - unless this Prunus is the variety 'otto luyken' (and it doesn't look like it), this plant will eventually be 25 feet high and wide, and they're not a particularly slow growers - the space available seems somewhat small for such a large plant.

15 Apr, 2015


Thanks bamboo..yes it has only been in a il water and feed well...but you got me concerned now incase its the one that grows 25ft, my gardens not much bigger than that...i dont know whether to plant it in a pot incase.

15 Apr, 2015


Well it certainly looks like the large one, I'm sorry to say... the dwarf version P. laurocerasus 'Otto Luyken' will do nicely there, but not this one, too big for the space.

15 Apr, 2015

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