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A friend has bought me some tulip bulbs from Holland. A few are sprouting. I know about storage but can I plant them in the ground or in a tub now (April)?



It can't hurt to try. If nothing else it will help the bulbs build up stores for next season.

About a month ago I planted some I forgot about and one is just getting ready to flower.

15 Apr, 2015


I would put them in a pot to give them the best chance of a good compost and TLC to make up for a late planting. Over the past month or so I have planted hundred's (literally) of mostly daffodil bulbs which have been reduced and practically given away as it was so late in the season. I didn't expect them to make much this year, but they have, so a bonus. Not so sure about tulip bulbs, watching a programme on the TV made it sound so complicated, lifting, storing and drying them out in the winter, it's probably why tulips have fallen out of favour. The only ones I lifted and laid out to dry - the mice ate, so now they stay in the ground! Lots of knowledgeable people on here, so I am sure you will get the right answer.

15 Apr, 2015

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