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Seeds wont grow in soil


By Googley

United Kingdom Gb

I made a veggie patch and put manure and compost into the soil after removing loads of stone and rubbish that was previously there and mixed it all well in. This area does back onto a wall but still gets enough sun. I planted some seeds for carrots and lettuce and after watering them almost daily nothing has grown. For a test I put the same seeds into compost only and a few days later they are starting to grow already. Can anyone advise me on what may be the problem - is there something wrong with the soil?



It isn't a stone wall, is it? I have a BIG problem with snails that hide away in the crevices and come out to munch on my plants. Watch for tell-tale slimy trails, and take appropriate action if it is them.

31 Jul, 2008


I suspect slugs and snails too - I've had a lot of problems with them eating young veg plants this year :-(

31 Jul, 2008


It is a stone wall, havent seen any snails in soil but had one "silvery" type trail on the paving nearby so could have taken a walk. Think I will get some slu and snail bait and see if anything improves. Thanks for the advice.

1 Aug, 2008

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