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first season strawberry plants.


By Gipsy

France Fr

Is it too early to allow the runners to produce new plants.?
i.e will it affect the fruit yield next year.Getting conflicting advice from friends SO really grateful for some help!!!!!



Peg the runners into wet compost and sever as soon as they root then it won't drain the parent plant I bought three Pandora strawberry plants and am making loads of new plants from runners, once rooted I will have them in rows
and I generally mulch round the rows early spring with a bag of manure old well rotted, not fresh and hot, or I use compost.Keep them well fed each year and you will get bowlfuls of lovely strawbs. Straw around the plants helps to keep the fruit clean. Plants need replacing about every 3 years, planting in a different spot to avoid virus problems
I plant a few runners in thegreenhouse for an early treat..

30 Jul, 2008

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