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Why would a very established pink rose for the first time, on it's second flowering this year, suddenly have a couple of different coloured flowers....white and one is exactly half deep pink and white?



How long have you had the rose? Are the different coloured ones on the same stem? Do you know what variety of rose it is?

29 Jul, 2014


The different coloured ones are on the same stem there are 4 in total. I've had the rose for about 10 years but I've lost the variety label I'm afraid.... The colour of the roses are very pale pink on the back of the leaf and a darker pink in the centre.

29 Jul, 2014


Well, how interesting - if they're all on the same stem, and this stem is not a sucker (coming from below the graft) because the roses on it are the normal shape, just oddly coloured, then there's been some genetic mutation in that particular stem. Sometimes this can happen if there's damage or extreme temperatures. If you don't want these varied flowers, remove the whole stem at its base.

29 Jul, 2014


Thank you very much for your reply....maybe this very hot summer has something to do with it!

30 Jul, 2014


I have a Rambler - Crimson Showers, beautiful but that has a pale pink rose in the middle of it, I am told this does happen. I am going to just trim off the flowers of the pink shoot as it spoils the whole look of the rose.

30 Jul, 2014

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