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By Andrewr

Berkshire, England Eng

I am thinking of buying a black-stemmed hydrangea.
There appear to be several varieties available - Nigra, Zambia, Zebra, Zorro, and Oregon Pride.
Does anyone have experience of growing any of these please?

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My local garden centre has been selling Zorro for many years. Some imported from Holland but also grown by reputable growers in the UK. If they weren't reliable then I'm sure the garden centre wouldn't sell them as they have a 5-year warranty on them. Always look good, healthy plants so wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.

19 Jul, 2014


Check the recommendations on Bob Browns Cotswold Garden Flowers site. He gives them a rating and he knows his stuff. We also had a talk from Colin ward and he recommended Zebra and another that I cant remember.

19 Jul, 2014

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