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Can I plant an indoor hydrangea outdoors?

Have bought an indoor hydrangea which is in bloom as the garden centre had run out of outdoor ones, and want to plant it outside - but don't want to do it too soon. Have been putting it outside during the day and bringing it in at night times. How long should i do this before planting it outside? Also any other general care tips would be gratefully received - e.g watering, feeding and pruning

On plant Hydrangea macrocarpa



I am not sure but think I read that the potted Hydrangeas have been treated in some way to keep them compact, and when they are planted out they revert to their normal size eventually. I should wait until the cold snap is over then plant it - treat it as you would an ordinary one, i.e. cut back to healthy buds in spring. Leave the dead flower heads on until spring as they protect the new buds. Maybe a feed of fish, blood and bone would get it off to a good start in the ground.

4 Apr, 2008

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