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identification please

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can anyone tell me what this is. Its growing in clumps about the garden.No flowers on it .............yet. Is it poisonous.




It's arum maculatum (common name 'Lords and Ladies'), a self-sown British wild flower. There was an earlier question on this so scan back to find out more. And yes, it is poisonous

2 Apr, 2008


Scan back to Page 6 for comments on your Lords and Ladies. It's on the Corsican Arum lily. Date March 19th.

2 Apr, 2008


I have just bought two variegated plants and as the Nursery owner said, well, you're not going to eat them, are you? There are so many plants and bulbs that are poisonous that we would be stuck with a very small selection if we avoided them all. The message I'm sending is to learn about plants and live with them in the right way.

3 Apr, 2008

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