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climing hydrangea hasn't flowered

Merseyside, United Kingdom Gb

why has`nt my plant flowered it was planted last year, it looks healthy enough. Any ideas? thanks.

On plant Hydrangea anomala



I think you'll just have to let it settle in and be patient if it seems healthy otherwise. Hope you see some flowers next year!

25 Jul, 2008


I agree,I planted a cutting about 3 yrs ago the first year it was pathetic next yr it grew well and was obviously healthy - this year Bingo! - 3 flower heads and the spread has increased - so be patient and don't let it dry out, they are thirsty plants Good luck - Queenie

7 Jul, 2009


I bought my climbing hydrangea in June or 2002 and this is the first year (2012) that I got a single bloom. And that's all I got was one single bloom. That's 10 years I've been waiting ! Every year it climbed higher, but no blooms. I have it climbing a telephone pole. It's now at the top of that pole. I didn't think it was supposed to climb so high. I'm wondering if it is spending all of its energy climbing instead of putting out flowers.

26 Aug, 2012

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