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Disorientated Sunflower


By Nariz

Spain Es

I seem to have the daftest sunflower in existence! Its lovely face won't follow the course of the sun. It's about 7ft tall, growing near a wall and resolutely faces East towards the rising sun all day. When it was still in bud it followed the sun, but since it's been in full flower it seems to be sulking and keeping it's face away from sight. Anyone know why?



Its shy ? :-)

20 Jul, 2008


I heard something on gardeners question time yesterday, they reckon that sunflowers always face north!

21 Jul, 2008


Thanks Andrea, but if that's so then I still have the daftest sunflower because it always faces East. As I said, while it was in bud it followed the course of the sun, but since it's been in full flower it won't look anywhere but East. I grew two sunflowers in Britain before I moved here and they behaved perfectly - but this one ..........!!!

21 Jul, 2008


Were they from the same seed packet ?
Maybe disorientated ?
Like my daughter, no sense of direction ? :-)

22 Jul, 2008

How do I say thanks?

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