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Windowsill Planter


By Stacey

United Kingdom

I have a small planter (about 2 feet long and 6 inches wide) which hangs outside the windowsill of my flat. I would like to use it to grow some herbs or small vegetable plants but not sure which ones will be most successful. Any suggestions?



If it is in full sun try a tomato such as 'Tumbling tim' or get 3 different herbs like parsley, basil and mint - these would all appreciate the sun as long as they got plenty of water and feed. If its shady - then more difficult - try a small strawberry - maybe the alpine ones - tiny fruit but very sweet. good luck!

8 May, 2007


I agree with hoya, I have exactly the same size window boxes and mine are always filled with herbs along with a couple of nasturtiums which tumble over and down and add colour (the leaves are delicious and peppery and the flowers can be used in salads), I do have to thin out the flowers a bit so they dont overcrowd the herbs.

9 May, 2007

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