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By Kernow

United Kingdom Gb

I am new to growing veg but have noticed this year (as has my neighbour) that small pods like tomatoes are growing on the leaves of my potato plants. Can you please advise what they are.



Hi Kerno
Sound like seed pods Do not worry. If you are realy keen and got the time try to save them and then sow them next year to see what happens

14 Jul, 2008


Potaotes and tomatoes are from the same family, Solanum. Any tomato like fruits are indeed the seed pods but be careful, they are very POISONOUS. They should not be eaten. The seeds will grow into tubers, but there is no guarantee that the type you get will resemble what you took the seeds from and may not be worth the cultivation.

I can find no reference to any leaf problems like the one you describe. Blight turns the leaves yellow and then brown.

14 Jul, 2008


Go with Owdboggy above as I totally agree and it is not blight - my dad told me this some 50 years ago - good luck Ken

14 Jul, 2008


Would really like to see a picture of these 'pods'.

16 Jul, 2008

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