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my bizzie lizzies.


By Lynn

United Kingdom Gb

hi, we have bought bizzie lizzies year after year & have enjoyed them so much until last year when a lot of them went weired. they where set in the beds, patio containers, hanging baskets, tubs, along with other plants as usual. we washed the pots etc well this year in case it was that but it's happened again. the stalks go brown, the leaves fall off (or disappear) & we're left with just a skeleton plant with lots of buds that won't open. we can't see any bugs. we have lost about £60-00 on them. please can you help.
mrs lynn bennett.

On plant impatience???



Hi Lynn
Sound terrible but we need some more info before we come up with an answer
Can you provide a picture of the plants and the roots?
I take it we are talking about the Impatien Walleriana type? Do you know the variety?and was it the same as previous years?
When did you purchase them and what was the weather like at the time and after planting ?How big were they and what size container were they in
Impatiens do not like cold weather and cold wet soil so could be just the time you purchased and planted
Otherwise we have to look at what you washed the pots and containers out with.

14 Jul, 2008


Hi Lynn.Your the third member to mention this in a few days .See previous posts.Clearly something is seriously wrong in the bizzie lizzie world.This is too much of a coincidence so many just shriveling up and dying.

15 Jul, 2008


I am having a terrible year with my bizzie lizzies ....something is truly eating them....They are being stripped of all leaves to a mere skeleton. What on earth is evidence of bugs etc.,

21 Aug, 2008

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