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cutting back Salix integra


By Kerry1

United Kingdom Gb

I bought Salix Integra standard trees last May and they have grown out of their nice round shape. How do I keep them looking round and not straggley? Also, one of these trees was damaged by a bug, possibly black fly which I have treated, but the bark on the trunk is splitting and peeling off. Do you know what this is and how I treat it?

On plant Hakuro Nishiki



prune in early spring or late falland shape . Also cut back in July to keep it small.

Propagation: Take softwood cuttings in spring or hardwood cuttings in winter. This plant roots very easily.

As for the bug ??? Well known to be bug free – in this case I would tend to take a healthy cutting and get rid of the mother plant - Or wait until others on here may know more about it than me ! - Ken

14 Jul, 2008

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