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tomato plants

tyne and wear, United Kingdom Gb

I have an allotment and grow tomatoes in three greenhouses. The plants grow well then after about the 4th truss has set the plants start to die off at the tops. They go yellow and blue at times and the flowers die. The trusses below this damage develop the tomatoes o/k and give good fruit. Any advice would be appreciated.



My book says to pinch the top off after the forth truss. This ensures you get a good healthy crop of toms. Maybe youre plants have read the same book and are trying to tell you something. Also it says give a weekly liquid feed once first fruits are pea size.
Mind you just looked through my book and this info on 4th truss is for outdoor toms. Your indoor ones should have as many as 6 trusses.
Nothing about die back, but it does mention Tomato mosaic virus (brown verticle streaks). If its this then you need to get rid of plants. If you cant find it on the web let me know and i will copy from my book.

13 Jul, 2008

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