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woody radishes

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i have no luck in growing radishes what are supposedto be so easy to grow.Garden or pots they get long and woody when they should be round.They are Organic Radish Rudolf.

On plant organic radish rudolph



Although they are a brassica and theoretically susceptible to clubroot, in practice they develop too quickly to be bothered. Two pests do bother them, slugs nibbling the root and flea beetles.

The radish is, because of its speed, very much a fit in crop. Normally you would ignore the salad radishes in a rotation plan. They like a light soil with plenty of humus but they are a very tolerant crop. Where there is a small space sow a pinch of seed thinly - about 3cm apart is ideal and rake in or cover with a centimetre of soil. As long as there is sufficient water they should develop.

Once grown they very quickly go woody and then to seed so sow weekly in the salad season to ensure a continuous supply. Don't bother if they go over, the seed is cheap so compost and harvest the ones sown the week after. In hot summers they benefit from some shade and can be grown in the shadow of other crops. Good luck - Ken p/s - nothing is that easy in gardening !

14 Jul, 2008

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