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I was looking into gettin some fruit in my garden but i am a little short of space i was wondering if anyone would have any ideas as to what fruit i can get that plentyful and space friendly. thank you all ;-) all ideas are much appreciated.

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I think you get a lot of fruit on blackcurrants for the space they take up if you like them. Im growing blueberries and dwarf apple trees in pots with strawberries around them but i must admit im a long way from making any jam. I think it takes time (years) untill you get plentyfull fruit. I have heard that gooseberries give pounds of fruit but ive had mine 2 years and fruit aint plentifull yet. I also think it depends where you live. I live in scotland and the thing growing best for me so far is blackcurrants. I will be intersted to hear what others say as i also want to grow plentifull fruit!

11 Jul, 2008


apple trees dont take up that much room. I have two fastigiate ones (grow straight up instead of spreading) that crop very well. My sister also has a small tree that has had 3 types grafted on to one root stock. This is called a family tree and you get 3 different types of apples on one tree.
I also have two blueberries in pots. Your local garden centre (if a good one) should be able to identify loads for you.

12 Jul, 2008


Strawberries are good value and if grown in upright strawberry planters take up less room.

12 Jul, 2008

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