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Harvesting rhubarb


By Birling

United Kingdom Gb

I have 2 crowns planted in March which have grown healthily with many stems. I am told not to pick for 15 mths.
Why not ?: Should the stems be wasted and stems and leaves left to rot ?



One of my books says "Never pick rhubarb during the first growing season after planting. In the second season, pick over each plant only two or three times. Thereafter pick normally"

It dosent say why. I can only assume that if you picked it all, the plant would suffer due to energy not going back down the leaves, stems to the roots.

By leaving it till the second season it would be a healthier plant with more vigour. As well as flavour.

Hope this helps.

9 Jul, 2008


why not force the rhubarb next year by putting a large barrel over the crowns just after they start growing again, much nicer taste

10 Jul, 2008

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