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west yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

I have just moved, and have a piece of ground (Looks like its just a piece of field fenced off). Its about 10ft wide 18ft long. I live very high up so it is very windy. Ideas for plants and design please. I do like a pond, Thanks



Firstly, after clearing, digging and nourishing the soil, you need some kind of windbreak at least to protect the plants from the prevailing wind - a hedge, a fence with climbers maybe... Then think about and draw out your plan.If you want a pond, then site it in the sunny area away from trees whose leaves might drop in - with perhaps a seat to admire the pond and the possible views?? A path - winding through, not straight down the middle. Maybe think about if you want flower bed/s, raised or not, or just groups of plants growing in gravel. I know it's not a huge area, so you can't fit too much in. After all this you can choose your colour scheme and track down plants with differing leaves and shapes. Choose mostly lower-growing varieties if it is VERY windy. LOL - I certainly wouldn't recommend such plants as Delphiniums!!! - but there are plenty of shrubs to give you structure and height difference. Good luck and happy planning!

6 Jul, 2008


I agree, in a very windy situation a windbreak is a must, to provide some protection for plants and possibly to increase the range of plants that can be grown. I have had more fences wind - damaged than hedges so I would advocate putting in a hedge. Hedging plants can be evergreen or deciduous, provide seasonal changes and if the hedge is mixed offer variety.

6 Jul, 2008

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