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my mother-in-law bought me a plant for my birthday, and neither of us have a clue what the plant is. can anyone help??

all shes knows is.. it doesnt need to be watered very often



Your plant looks like a Clivia, if it is this plant its common name is Kaffir lily. It can be a bit difficult to get to flower as it has certain requirements. It needs cool or average warmth, keeping cool in winter (40-45 degrees), bright light avoid direct sun in summer, water moderately spring to autumn, sparingly from late autumn until stalk (flower) is 4-6in. high, cleaning its leaves occasionally. It can fail to bloom repeatedly if it is over-wintered in a heated room or its watering rules are not followed. It needs winter rest an unheated room, no fertilizer and just enough water to prevent wilting. It also needs to be undisturbed don't move the pot when in bud or flower and don't repot unless the plant is pushing out of its container. It bears clusters of flowers in orange,red yellow or cream, I think orange is the most common colour. I hope this helps and I hope this is the plant you have.

5 Jul, 2008

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