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Greenhouse Ventilation

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What are the consequences of not ventilating a greenhouse during the summer...a friend of mine has been told by someone else to keep the doors and windows shut all year round, surely this is detrimental to anything growing in there?



Basically plants will get to hot and cook – I open all windows doors and wet the floor in very hot days to get temperature down and to create humidity – also it encourages the bee to pollinate your stock - the person who told your friend to keep closed is a very stupid person

2 Jul, 2008


WHAT? They need a short sharp lecture on greenhouses, don't they! If you keep it closed up, apart from what Ken said, you will get grey mould on your vulnerable plants, too! Tell your friend to pass on the message that he/she is WRONG....

2 Jul, 2008


Also many plants especially tomatoes STOP growing at above a certain temperature. Daftest thing I have heard in years.

2 Jul, 2008

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