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I have planted a huneysuckle in october last year i did everything it said on the insructions but it,s not doing too well. the variety is lonicera japonica halliana. It has produced some new leaves but after a while a white greyish mark appears on them. and the leaves are very sparse.i havent pruned it yet.maybe i should, does anyone know?.



Honeysuckles do respond to pruning and send out new shoots. I think if it's still flowering that you should wait, though.

2 Jul, 2008


Hi I am a very novice gardener but I have just had to give up on same variety honeysuckle as had same white greyish marks which turned out to be mildew. Also lost lots of leaves and very sparse another sign of a fungus. Was advised it was probably sited in unsuitable place, i.e. to hot up against a south facing wall. Am going to try again on north facing fence and was going to ask anyone when good time of year to plant one and best variety? Good luck with yours!

2 Jul, 2008

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